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Vitosolic: Intelligent energy management

With a Vitosolic solar control unit, you can use solar energy very effectively. This system covers all conventional applications and can control up to four separate heating circuits, e.g. cylinders and swimming pools.

By communicating with the Vitotronic boiler control unit, the Vitosolic ensures that
optimum use is made of the heat obtained from the solar collectors, and that as little
additional energy as possible is used for DHW or central heating. This suppresses
the boiler and reduces heating costs. Thanks to a plain text menu driven display, the
control unit is easy to operate as it uses the proven Vitotronic user interface. Information regarding the solar thermal system can also be viewed on the Vitotronic boiler control unit and the Vitotrol 300 remote control.

Vitosolic 100

  • Attractively priced, electronic temperature differential control unit for DHW heating with solar heating systems 
  • Simple operation – identical to the Vitotronic user interface
  • Dual display provides information about the actual temperature and operating conditions of pump

Vitosolic 200

  • Electronic control for temperature difference for solar water heating and space heating
  • Simple operation -identical to the Vitotronic user interface
  • Ease of use by four-line plain text display with menu
  • For all standard applications:
    - Multi cylinder operation
    - Swimming pool heating
    - Space heating support
  • Large wiring connection compartment

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