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Hybrid Underfloor

Warmup underfloor heating logoA combination of both electric and hydronic systems, hybrid underfloor heating utilises both technologies to provide a precise and ultimately controllable heating solution.

Warmup gives you the ultimate choice when it comes to underfloor heating – the option to choose electric, hydronic or a hybrid solution. This means you can have electric upstairs in say a bathroom(s) or bedroom(s) and hydronic downstairs - this will often present itself as the ideal solution. You can rely on Warmup as an expert in both areas to seamlessly integrate the two heating solutions.

How it Works

Warmup Hybrid Underfloor HeatingIn many new, well-insulated homes, a separate heating system for the upstairs isn’t required; the gentle flow of warm air from the ground floor is enough to keep the upstairs warm, so a low-temperature hydronic system on the ground floor is just the ticket.

However, in some rooms such as upstairs bathrooms, a little extra warmth adds a lot of luxury; this is an ideal place to add an electric system. The same great warmth as the hydronic system on the main floor, but without the need to run metres and metres of pipe just to reach one room.

Running pipe for just one room may not be the most cost efficient way to use water based floor heating and extending the system to other rooms offers a great opportunity of adding a hybrid solution as electric floor heating can be easily used to complement the system, as there is electricity running in the rooms already. As en example, conservatories can be heated with electric solution even if the rest of the house is heated with a water based system as the conservatory is not in constant use and requires a rapid heat-up when it's in use.

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