EcoHeat 408 1x230V


The quiet, efficient heat pump for ground source, lake or geothermal heating with touchscreen and EnergyFlex, model 406-412, 6-12 kW.

CTC EcoHeat 400 is suitable for different heating systems: one-pipe and two-pipe systems for radiators and convectors, as well as for floor heating. With the Extra Mixing Valve Group or Mixing Valve Group 2 accessories, you are able to control two separate heating systems.

CTC EcoHeat 400 has the highest efficiency thanks to the development of a refrigerant circuit with electronic expansion valve and an efficient compressor. Compressor and refrigeration components are enclosed in a separate, sound-insulated unit. This provides exceptionally low noise and makes it the quietest ground source heat pump we have ever developed.

With CTC EcoHeat 400, we guarantee legionella-free DHW. Our unique solution produces DHW as it is needed.

Now you can also cool down in summer. Supplement with CTC Comfort which uses the borehole’s cool temperature for pleasant cool air.

For CTC EcoHeat 400, we have opted for a technology that provides heat that is much more even. Radiators and underfloor heating are always at the right temperature thanks to the automatically-controlled mixing valve. Since the temperature is constant, annoying expansion sounds in the floor and pipes are avoided.

EnergyFlex gives you the freedom to supplement with other energy sources. Thanks to two ingenious connections, you can supplement with solar heat, have a water-jacketed stove provide warmth, or connect a pool so you can also make use of heating in summer.

CTC EcoHeat 400 has internet connectivity as standard, so you can easily control your heat pump remotely. To ensure compatibility with smart homes, the product is equipped for connection to Alexa, Google Home, etc. It is also SmartGrid-ready, which means it is equipped for the electricity grid of the future.

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  • Energyflex offers flexibility to connect other heat sources
  • 4.3” colour touchscreen
  • Produces up to 80 % lower heating costs
  • Can control two heating systems
  • High energy efficiency: SCOP 4.3
  • Cooling in the summer
  • Mixing valve for even heat without noise
  • Can be controlled from a smartphone with myUplink

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