EcoPart 430 Basic, 230V


3-stage building heat pump with built-in control.

Using separate cooling modules, CTC EcoPart Pro/Basic is able to increase output in three stages. This provides gentler operation and better adaptation to the building’s various output requirements. The result is fewer starts/stops and higher heating comfort compared with single-stage products. The separate cooling modules also have a very low noise level.

CTC EcoPart Pro/Basic is available in three sizes: 25, 30 and 35 kW which can be connected in series to produce up to 170 kW (1 x CTC EcoPart i435 Pro + 4 x CTC EcoPart 435).

The unique control system CTC EcoLogic Pro is integrated into CTC EcoPart Pro and monitors and controls CTC’s heat pumps, solar panels, peak heat, buffer tanks, pools, cooling, etc.

CTC EcoPart Basic can be controlled with a digital signal, known as thermostat control. Furthermore, this can then be controlled by regulating the return temperature, a simple control that is ideal for accumulator charging, for example.

Thanks to an advanced refrigerant circuit and highly efficient compressors, the CTC EcoPart Pro can produce water as hot as 65 °C. This means you can have more hot water and warmer radiators. Ideal for properties with high primary flow temperatures.

Ground source, geothermal or lake heat is used as the heat source. The brine system can easily be connected to the right, left, top or rear. CTC EcoPart – a sure and obvious choice.

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  • Suitable for one-and two-pipe systems, convectors and underfloor heating
  • Flexible connection
  • No need to inspect the refrigerant
  • Class A, low-energy circulation pumps
  • Twin quiet scroll compressors
  • Soft-start function
  • 65 °C primary flow temperature
  • Built-in control
  • 25, 30 or 35 kW, which can be connected in series
  • Can be controlled from a smartphone with myUplink+

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