EcoPart i608M

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A stylish, smart and compact series of speed-controlled ground source heat pumps with adaptive DHW production.

CTC EcoPart i600M is a series of compact, speed-controlled ground source heat pumps without hot water tanks but with built-in control. If you have a low ceiling height, installing a CTC EcoPart i600M together with a separate hot water tank is the perfect solution.

CTC EcoPart i600M is suitable for houses as well as slightly larger properties, since the speed-controlled compressor automatically adapts to the building’s energy demand. The heat pump ensures that you get the perfect indoor climate and low energy consumption throughout the year. CTC EcoPart i600M produces five times as much energy as it consumes over the course of year, thanks to a 5.5. seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP).

To ensure that CTC EcoPart i600M is suitable for most properties, it comes in three sizes: 608M with an output range of 2-8 kW, 612M at 2-12 kW, and 616M at 4-16 kW.

CTC EcoPart i600M can control an external heat pump and two heating circuits as standard. To meet extremely high demands, CTC EcoPart i600M can be converted to control up to nine heat pumps in four heat circuits.

CTC EcoPart i600M is equipped with a smart, integrated touchscreen display, through which you can easily access all functions and can both swipe and scroll, just like on your smartphone. In addition, you can easily mirror the display on your tablet, mobile, etc. The colour touchscreen display has clear symbols and multiple language options, and makes it easy to adjust heating and hot water or to retrieve information about the operation. The integrated automatic mixing valve is climate-controlled and takes into account both the indoor and outdoor temperatures.

CTC EcoPart i600M – a smarter choice.

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  • Can control up to nine other heat pumps
  • Separate demand-controlled DHW production
  • Automatic borehole adaptation makes replacement easy
  • Speed-controlled compressor that adapts according to need
  • Practical dimensions for simple installation

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