i-32V5 Midi 32kW 3P


The innovative solution for your comfort

The i-32V5C Midi air-water chillers, represent an innovative solution in the chiller range for both comfort and process applications. In fact, the great flexibility of equipment combined with the “FULL INVERTER” nature of the series and a unique form factor make the Midi series integrable into any system. The basic version allows to reach a minimum water temperature of +5°C, while in the BT (low temperature) configuration this value can be reduced to -8°C.

In addition, all versions can be equipped with the DS accessory (desuperheater) which, thanks to integrated management of the on-board microprocessor, can be managed through specific logics and set-point. In process applications for the food and manufacturing industries, the presence of the desuperheater further increases the overall efficiency of the system.

  • Refrigeration power (kW): 21,6÷32,8
  • Refrigerant gas: R32
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Technical Details



Output @ -2°C / 50°C Flow




Type of Heat Pump



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