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Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) extract low grade energy from the ambient air outside and, via the refrigerant cycle, generate high grade heat into the building, for space heating and hot water. ASHPs are suitable for almost any type of property and can operate down to -25°C outdoor temperature. The very low boiling point of refrigerant gases means that even ambient air well below freezing, contains energy that can be extracted by the heat pump. This process consumes electricity, but only a small fraction of the total heat produced. Modern ASHP units have seasonally adjusted efficiencies of between 330 and 365% even at higher flow temperatures (50°C). In better insulated properties, the flow temperature can be set to a lower level as lower heat outputs are required and this ensures even better efficiencies, up to and beyond 400%. ASHPs have no emissions of any kind, only pure fresh water as condensate.

Cost: Lowest installation cost of any heat pump type, similar to a modern oil or LPG installation but with a fraction of the running costs. Fully Renewable Heat Incentive compliant, ensures access to the Government Domestic or Commercial RHI schemes which often cover the full or the vast majority installation costs.

Efficiency: Significantly cheaper to run than even the most modern oil or LPG systems. Almost as efficient as a GSHPs at a fraction of the install cost, especially in the south of the UK due to milder air temperatures.

Compact: Outdoor fitted units are compact and reduce the need to take up valuable indoor space.


Green: No emissions of any kind and constantly improving refrigerant types with minimal greenhouse gas effect. Sourcing electricity and adding solar PV to complement the heat improves efficiencies and self sufficiency.

Low maintenance /Long life: Annual service only required and a typical lifespan of 15-20 years.

Compliance: Ensures compliance with SAP for new builds without any other renewable technology required to offset carbon.

Control: Can be partnered with underfloor heating for room by room independent control, or a radiator circuit, or a mixture of both.  App connectivity as standard for remote monitoring and control.

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