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What is a Gas Absorption Heat Pump (GAHP)?

Gas Absorption Heat Pumps (GAHPs) combine all the advantages of the two most common heating technologies: the condensing boiler and the electric heat pump.  Similarly to a gas boiler, the gas absorption heat pump is a device able to supply high temperature hot water both for heating and for DHW production.  Similarly to an electric heat pump, GAHP is able to recover renewable energy in the form of heat from air, water and ground sources.  Unlike electric heat pumps, gas absorption heat pumps do not use refrigerants, have a negligible electrical consumption and can also provide cold water for summer cooling (in reversible versions).

GAHPs provide energy-efficient gas-powered heating and cooling systems for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.They use the freely-available, plentiful natural energy from the ground, the air and from water and turn it into a higher or lower temperatures for building heating or cooling, and for water heating.

The most common heating technologies are typically gas boilers and electric heat pumps. Gas absorption heat pumps combine the benefits of both these systems to provide a reliable, cost-effective and constant energy source.

They are fired by natural or propane gas and don’t use any refrigerants that might be harmful to the environment. Using the earth’s natural renewable energy, they can supply chilled water for cooling in summer and hot water for heating in the winter. They even save space because they are suitable for installation outdoors.

Gas absorption heat pumps achieve a lower carbon footprint and reduce costs. By utilising the free energy found in the environment, they can provide up to 65% additional heat.

How do gas absorption heat pumps work?

The process is simple. The heat pump extracts heat from the source using a gas burner that employs the generator-absorber heat exchange cycle. Then, for the refrigeration cycle, the pump uses a water and ammonia solution, whereby the ammonia is the refrigerant and the water is an absorber.

Here is the process broken down into stages:

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