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Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) extract low grade energy from the ground and via the refrigerant cycle generate high grade heat into the building for space heating and hot water. GSHPs are suitable for almost any type of property, especially larger properties and those with high heat demands and can operate at any outdoor temperature. In most cases either a horizontal collector or a vertical collector is used depending on the land available.

Specifying the right GSHP for your development is key to optimising the investment and meeting codes and build regulations.  Delivering capacity requires the right flow rates meaning the size of pumps and pipes is essential to optimise capacity.  We understand which manufacturers products are best for what installations and will then provide you with detailed design specifications, sometimes this may involve a combined technology approach and the ability for the technology to work with build energy management systems.


Output Capacity: Among our range we offer the largest capacity Single Phase GSHP in the world, also tested independently (by the Austrian Institute of Technology – AIT) as the most efficient inverter driven GSHP in the world. This allows a unit of 25kW output to be connected to domestic single phase supply, compared to the largest available ASHP capacity of 14kW. This is a major advantage in larger and older properties with higher heat demands, allowing a renewable, efficient solution to clients who may not have thought it possible or realistic for their property type.

Running Cost: Lowest running cost of any heat pump, through highest efficiencies and more predictable energy source from the ground, less subject to temperature fluctuations. Fully Renewable Heat Incentive compliant allowing access to the Government Domestic or Commercial RHI schemes which often cover the full cost or the vast majority of the installation costs.

Efficiency: Significantly cheaper to run than even the most modern oil or LPG systems. All GSHPs feature “Weather Compensation” as standard, ensuring the whole system only ever works as hard as it needs to.

Compact Integrated Solution: Multiple potential system configurations are possible including a single “Plant Room in a Box” solution featuring a single tower unit that contains both the heat pump and domestic hot water cylinder, with a 600mm x 800mm footprint.

Patented Super Heater Domestic Hot Water: Some of the versions of GSHP we offer feature a “super heated” hot water function that uses patented technology to harness super-hot refrigerant gases that are otherwise waste/non useable energy in other heat pumps. This can be used to boost DHW temps to 85°C without use of any electric elements, helping avoid the need for costly Legionella Cycles using an immersion associated with other heat pumps. This water is blended automatically with cold giving excellent hot water performance /capacity without the need for an excessively sized DHW cylinder.

Green: No emissions of any kind and constantly improving refrigerant types with minimal greenhouse gas effect.

Low maintenance / Long life: Annual service only required and a typical lifespan of 20+ years.

Compliance: Ensures compliance with SAP for new builds without any other renewable technology required to offset carbon.

Control: Can be partnered with underfloor heating for room by room independent control, or a radiator circuit, or a mixture of both. Can be used with App connected thermostat systems such as Hive or Nest to allow control remotely of system and schedules.

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