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MVHR is a whole or part building ventilation solution that can be installed in new builds or retro fitted. The purpose of the system is to ensure a constant fresh air supply to the building, whilst simultaneously extracting moist air. During this extraction process, the heat is removed from the extracted air and used to pre-heat the fresh air being supplied from outside. The type of heat exchanger used avoids cross- contamination of stale air with fresh and the system also features high quality filtration of supply air, removing dust and pollen.

This helps reduce the need for dusting in the building and the constant circulation of fresh air through all rooms helps maintain more stable humidity levels than the same property without MVHR.

In new builds, the addition of MVHR means no trickle vents are required by building regulations in any windows or doors and no fixed extraction other than the MVHR system is needed in bathrooms/utility rooms. In kitchens, cooker hood extraction is still recommended but must ideally be the recirculating type of hood rather than direct to outside, as this defeats the object of the MVHR system overall. As a good rule of thumb, the addition of a whole house MVHR system will reduce the total heat load of a building by around 20-30% overall. This allows heating systems to be sized accordingly, helping save costs on other elements of the project i.e. smaller heat pump capacity requirement, smaller ground collector/borehole requirement for GSHPs, smaller boiler for fossil fuel properties.

MVHR System Types: Heat Recovery units vary in capacity to suit the property size and type and can be wall or void / loft mounted to suit. Ducting is available in many forms to allow best routing around a property, from rigid, to fully flexible, round and flat. For smaller properties, combined cooker hood and MVHR units are available, which extract from above the cooker and bypass the filters to avoid fouling with airborne oils and fats while cooking, but allowing the remainder of the system to function normally as full MVHR.


Lower space heating costs by design: Heat recovery function reduces heat loss from building significantly, reducing heating costs across the board.

Reduced condensation and more stable humidity levels: Systems automatically circulate fresh air to achieve a calculated air change rate room by room to ensure the health of a building.

Filtered air: Cleaner and healthier air with fewer contaminants, a great advantage for allergy sufferers especially during the high pollen seasons.

Odour removal: Constantly replenished fresh air helps remove odours quickly and efficiently without the loss of heat from the building associated with opening windows or doors.

Negates any need for other mechanical ventilation methods: No need for direct extract in any room, no need for trickle vents in windows, allows a far more air tight building (no need for passive ventilation) and hence far better overall efficiency of the building as a whole in real terms as well as via calculated SAP/EPC ratings.



Low Energy EC fans and no heating elements required: Minimal energy used to run the MVHR system: typically low energy fan motors of the units consume less than 100W of power, so annual running cost of the system as whole is often less than £100.

Low maintenance: Filter changes are the only maintenance required on a regular basis, this can be carried out by the system owner. Replacement filters cost between £65.00 – £175.00.

Control:  Standard wall mounted touch screen controls and optional full App connectivity available.

Full CAD Design: Full 2D and isometric CAD design included to ensure every element is planned in detail and cross referenced with structural requirements, to ensure best routes are selected for ducting. Site visits from manufacturer are available as required for bespoke solutions to any site specific challenges.

Full Eurovent and PassivHaus Certified: SystemAir Ltd are the only MVHR manufacturer worldwide to hold full Eurovent and PassivHaus certification for its products, truly the market leader whose quality of manufacture and design are second to none.

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